At first I didn't know a lot of things about Anne Frank, but now I know what her feelings were and how she lived.

- Eric, Grade 4

I think it is sad that all of Otto Frank's kids died. I also think it is unfair that Jews were treated unfairly because everyone is different, but they are also the same in a way. We are all human. 

- Bethany, Grade 4

I feel shocked that Anne Frank died because she was a such a kind girl.

- Mei, Grade 4

I am depressed that most of the children and parents were separated and wouldn't see their family, who deiced by toxic gas. I think the most cruel part about Hitler and the Nazis is that they had no proof that the Jews were making the bad economy. We should never let this kind of think happen again. 

- Marlon, Grade 4

The Anne Frank Exhibit really showed me what happened during the Holocaust. Living in hiding from your own country seems very stressful and scary. Anne's diary, even though I haven't read it yet, it seemed from my perspective a well kept record of what happened during that time. It makes me feel that something like this should never happen again at all in any form.

- Ahmad, Grade 8

The Anne Frank Exhibit has impacted me as I got to learn what had truly happened in WW2. Although I have some background knowledge about this war, I had not known the actual conditions of the Jewish people's situations. After reading these exhibits, I had gained an understanding of the war, and what Hitler had done to the Jewish people. 

- Bhavesh, Grade 8