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Acting Together はブレンダイス大学他がすすめるプロジェクトです。2013年のIPRAの芸術分科会で紹介されました。このプロジェクトをまとめた日本語字幕もつけられたDVDの販売を、ブレンダイス大学が直接することになりました。


また、 をご参照ください。

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奥本 京子(大阪女学院大学)  


Dear colleagues and friends of Peacebuilding and the Arts at Brandeis,


I am excited to invite you to join the Global Campaign to disseminate the multilingual version of our documentary Acting Together on the World Stage: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict.


I would also like to introduce you to ReCAST, Inc. - Re-imagining Community, Art and Social Transformation - a not-for-profit organization that I launched with several trusted colleagues and friends to ensure that proceeds from the Acting Together resources are re-invested into initiatives that link the arts, culture and social transformation. ReCAST has a website that soon will be a portal for trainings and consultancies, and a platform for the purchase to resources.


We at Brandeis, along with Theatre Without Borders, are partnering with ReCAST Inc., which is coordinating the Global Campaign.  We want to get our new multilingual Acting Together resources into the hands of artists, educators, community leaders and peacebuilders who will make good use of them.


In honor of the 51st anniversary of UNESCO's world theatre day, the campaign will send multilingual copies of the documentary — in Arabic, English, Hebrew, Japanese, Sinhala, Spanish and Tamil — to 51 cultural and educational organizations in communities. The disc will be accompanied by the Acting Together toolkit. We know specific people in each of these organizations who are eager to use these resources.


We are seeking underwriters for these 51 gifts, individuals or organizations willing to donate or raise $300 to cover the price of the documentary, screening rights, and the toolkit. Members of the board of ReCAST will cover mailing costs. To learn more, please visit the ReCAST, Inc. website.


ReCAST will use the contributed funds in part to advance the Acting Together project, primarily by completing additional translations -- such as (West African) French, Kiswahili, Khmer, Chinese, and the languages of Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan.


Over the next few months, as the Peacebuilding and the Arts program at Brandeis shifts its focus to new initiatives, ReCAST will take the lead in sharing the knowledge gained through the Acting Together project. The anthologies will continue to be available through New Village Press.


Please join us in honoring world theatre day. And join us in supporting artists and peacebuilders through the  Global Acting Together Campaign!


All the best,



Cynthia E. Cohen, Ph.D., Director

Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts


How can I get involved?

  • Contribute or raise $300 and become a sponsor to one of the selected 51 organizations.
  • Suggest an organization to help reach our goal of 51 organizations, and become a nominating partner.
  • Help spread the word about the Global Acting Together Campaign, and become a media partnerthrough twitter, facebook, e-newsletters, website postings, etc.


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