GCPEJ: Global Campaing for Peace Education Japan

contact: hapgcpej@gmail.com

related info in English is : https://www.facebook.com/PGLjapan


The Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE)

was launched at the Hague Appeal for Peace conference in May 1999. On May 1999, nearly 10,000 people / 700 organizations from over 100 countries gathered in the Hague,  Netherlands and the Hauge Appeal for Peace was held. The GCPE has since emerged as a non-formal, international organized network that promotes peace education among schools, families and communities to transform the culture of violence into a culture of peace.
GCPEJ is the peace education community afflicated the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE*) in Japan.

GCPEJ holds various meetings and gatherings nationwide to promote peace education inspiring with interantional trends.


GCPEJ also hosted International Institute on Peace Education ( IIPE* ) in 2012.

Chair : Kathy MATSUI
Secretary : Kazuya ASAKAWA, Chieko BABA

Local contacts
Nagoya : Kazuya ASAKAWA kasan [at] mac.com
Cyugoku Shikoku :
Hiromi KAKUZAKI(Hiroshima)
Atsuko AKAMATSU(Yamagchi) peacemessagestakamori[at]yahoo.co.jp )


*Hague Appeal for Peace

*GCPE in Japan.