Atomic Bomb Posters

Lahore – Pakistan (2nd December 2013)




・Despite being overshadowed by the modernization, the history can never forget the murderess of victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.We want peace!And Mr. Ehtisham has made a good attempt in the awareness of this ever green issue!


・A good effort to open the eyes of people that how destructive is nuclear weapons. Try to save earth and mankind from such destruction in future


・Visited exhibition about Nuclear explosions in Japan, World War II. Found very informative which depicts true picture of destruction at that time.


・Why those nations are stoping for have more, who has already have the larger number of War Heads?


・Exhibition is very informated. We feel sympathy and give honour to Japanese. Hate bombs and want peaceful world. Japanese worked a lot for their country. Our kids and we like and appreciate these works.


・That’s it is good efforts to provide the information about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Need of that we learnt some thing after vision the dangerous situation and with courage than they Re-development in a better way. It is good to inform damages of A-Bomb. I believe that was not good for any part of world. If any dispute make it with dialogue.


・Its very horrible thing, war never should happen. In tolerance, denying, live and let live Policy leading and instigating the powers to let loose. Such horrifying incidents is the hall mark of today’s society. An excellent endavour to project the ills of “use of brutal force” in the hands of “Some” who wants to rule the world. An excellent effort with a request to bring awareness in our society.



・It is indeed for a very noble cause. I hope people see these picture and learn a lesson to avoid such events. I strongly condemn this act of brutality, and hope that you people will be able to portray these pictures to our rulers and army peoples as well. Try to invite them or have a visit these please.

(Ms. Sana Sabir)


・These all photos are informative for new generation. Atomic bombs is very harmful effect for all people. USA should his aggressive step that was very dangerous people of world should live with peace.

(Mr. Mrs Aamir)


・We think, stop all these atomic wars in all world because the Atomic affects are destroy one by one all countries. This pictures are show that Atomic affects after blast, the countries. Finally the blast is damage human bodies and our life. We should try to peace and happiness in the world.


・First time in life, seen the pictures relating the destruction of Atomic  Bomb. Nukes, how dangerous for humanity. Human kind buried human kinds in debris of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A slap on the face of humanity.


・After seeing the poster exhibition, it shows Nuclear Powers are for destruction of humanity on the globe. It should never be repeated. There must be anti Nuclear Movement on the globe.


・It was awesome, such exhibition should be held quiet often, I loved it.


・Nice exhibition, lesson for new generation


・It should be finished means Nuclear Weapons, I am horrified after seeing this.


・After seeing all these posters. I am stunned. Human being developed self destruction weapon. It look this is happened today.


・Those individual countries who are ‘War Mongers’ can learn lesson. They can face thousand times more destruction then Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Love for all, never hate any.


・How arrogant and brute, human being, in believable.