Atomic Bomb Posters Exhibition Report

Lahore – Pakistan (2nd December 2013)


In connection with Educational Programme for Peace and Safety of Humanity, Peace and Humanity Forum Pakistan, President, Rana Ehtisham Rabbani Organized an Exhibition of “Atomic Bomb Posters” with collaboration of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum at Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December, 2013.


The posters reflected the various effects of Nuclear Explosion on Human Life and Ecological system. This was inaugurated by the well known nuclear scientist Prof. Dr. Pervez Hood Bhoy, along with Guest of Honour Mr. Aamir H. Hashmi Honorary Counsel General of Japan, at Lahore. A symposium was also arranged. Wherein Speaker’s panel consisting of Educationist, explained economic, social, ecological aspects relating to Nuclear weapon and its devastation.


1. Prof. Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt, Head of Political Science Department, GC University Lahore.

2. Assistant Prof. Ms. Ayesha Shahzad, Political Science Department, Lahore College for Women University.

3.  Assistant Prof. Ms. Khushboo Ejaz, Political Science Department, Kinniard College for Women Lahore.


The function was well attended by people from various walks of life such as Writers, Journalists, and Students. Hundreds of people visited the exhibition on all three days. They also registered their comments expressing their views relating Nuclear Weapons the most destructive weapon on earth. They also demanded that the world should be Nuclear free and Peaceful. Different Organizations and Institutions have shown their keen interest for organizing such exhibition in respective institutions and cities in the near future.


Lastly Ehtisham Rana the host expressed that more than $ 1085 billion were spent on military expenditure and development of nuclear weapons, in 2012.The poverty can be eliminated, health care of all human beings be covered by spending 150-200 billion annually, on the globe.


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