Message from participants


Thanks very much for organizing such a valuable and enjoyable experience for me and the other participants--I was totally satisfied that I spent my four days well, and look forward to future events.


I hope you and the others had an interesting time in Ogawa. I am writing to let you know that both Anoli and I had a good time at the meeting; I liked the company of your friends and colleagues, in addition to what we discussed at the event itself. As we talked quite a lot about the earth quake and the tsunami, I was going to share with the group the song I wrote in English about it. But because I did not bring my computer and also because it escaped my mind, I could not do this. I have attached it here; feel free to  share it with anyone who might be interested. I also wonder if anyone would have the time and the interest to translate into Japanese the this song and the other three that I wrote this year while in Japan.


CPEに初めて参加させて頂き、とても有意義な3日間でした。平和という抽象的な概念をどう学校で、社会、コミュニティで実現してゆくのかということを皆様のプレゼンや活動についてのホットなお話から、(再生可能な!)エネルギーと希望とビジョンを頂きました! 猛暑の中、ダラダラと過ごすことも可能なお盆でしたが、思い切って参加して、本当に良かったです。ちなみにあの国立女子教育会館や丸木美術館は大昔、母も同様な運動で参加したことがあり、よく、環境の良さを語っていました。


Again, I want to thank "the team" for coordinating such a fantastic learning experience here in Japan!  The optional tours were incredibly interesting to me as well. There were so many wonderful people who showed up due to the content of these high level talks and vital exchanges.  I walked away with a myriad of new ideas!  I believe that this is what makes the resources of an organization so great!  It is because of people like yourself and others! At some level, these talks have inspired me significantly to be more conscious of these very global and pressing issues!


Our GCPEJ conference brought together a unique group of peace educators and activists for an exciting 3 days of presentations, workshops and excursions on topics related to war, peace, nuclear issues and the environment. It was a pleasure meeting so many people from Japan and overseas who are working for a more peaceful future.